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Susan Tahir | July 21, 2014

It’s been a while since my team and I have posted here; we’ve been so consumed by our Kickstarter campaign, manufacturing and marketing The Carrier, and other activities for the company.

Thanks to our amazing community of endurance athletes and special individuals who believe in Story38 Alliance’s mission to design endurance gear inspired by athletes and their stories, we successfully achieved 113% of our Kickstarter funding goal. Story38 Alliance now has the funds to begin manufacturing its first production run! This huge milestone allows us to continue moving forward.

Everyone at Story38 Alliance has a lot more work to do, but I want to pause for a moment.

I started Story38 Alliance two years ago because I wanted to give back to triathlon.  Many of you know my story; I deeply believe triathlon saved me, and I know triathlon has played a significant role in the stories of many of my fellow athletes. Designing gear to help them train and race more easily is my small contribution to the sport and members of its tribe.

The triathlon community — including individuals who don’t even know me but show up and run with me at track or hand me water at aid stations — has given me so much. As I took sewing classes; sketched my designs; wrote my business plan; filed my paperwork with the state of California; and created my first product, The Carrier, I connected with incredible individuals — athletes, non-athletes, professionals, and friends six degrees separated. I’ve had the honor of hearing their beautiful stories, including the ones we’ve shared on our Your Stories page. I’ve felt a tremendous amount of love and gratitude. I started my company to give back, but I am humbled by how much all of you continue to give me. 

Like everyone else, I encounter major challenges and even very low lows, but the highs and good fortune are part of this journey, too. I appreciate both. My own story has taught me that as much as painful disappointments and tragic events may hurt us and knock us down, they also help us grow, allow us to truly feel grateful for all of the good in our lives, and ultimately make life worth living.

As I write this, I’m taking in everything I’ve experienced in this endeavor so far and feeling grateful and strong. In addition to triathlon, this experience of building a business and designing products is helping my story evolve and, more importantly, intersect with many of your own stories, which is such a privilege. I want to take this moment to thank you — friends, Kickstarter backers, Story38 Alliance supporters, field testers, triathletes who’ve racked their bikes next to mine, vendors, customers, and team members. Thank you for giving so much back to me. Thank you for your support. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Be well,


Founder, CEO, & Your fellow athlete

Story38 Alliance

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