Race with Gratitude October 07 2014


In his moving story about why he races triathlons, our fellow triathlete Jeff McIntyre signs off with the beautiful words, “Race with gratitude.” It’s a poignant conclusion to an inspiring piece of writing that left our team with tears in our eyes.


We love those words of Jeff’s, because “Race with gratitude” is so applicable to what we value as individuals and as a team. We don’t claim to speak for Jeff and what that sentence means to him, but we are grateful that he wrote them, and we’re grateful for the sport of triathlon — and for all of you.


If you race with gratitude, you’re racing for bigger reasons than winning or standing on the podium, which are amazing accomplishments, of course. Maybe you’re racing to honor someone special. Maybe you’re racing to feel alive, and you’re thankful to be here. Maybe you appreciate every step, challenge, and mile in your race. Maybe you race to express gratitude, or maybe you feel gratitude for being able to race. As Susan articulated in our Kickstarter campaign, we’re not out there alone; we race because of our stories.


Then, after we hit “stop” on our watches or cross that finish line, we feel grateful for what we’ve just accomplished. When we hurt or begin questioning ourselves, gratitude can help us dig deep and get to the other side.


Story38 Alliance was founded to show our appreciation for the sport of triathlon and the ways in which it can give our lives meaning, structure, and purpose. Triathlon can be an outlet for a larger cause, and we honor that. The Carrier was created to give something back to the triathletes and supporters who give each other support, feedback, and words of kindness. We hope it helps athletes prepare for their workouts or races more efficiently and easily so they can take a moment to pause and ignite gratitude throughout their bodies.


We are grateful for each new day, each relationship, each opportunity to be out in the world with each other, running another block, swimming another lap, biking another mile. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We are grateful.


In the words of our fellow triathlete, Jeff: Race with gratitude,

Your fellow athletes at Story38 Alliance