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Product Features

Sleek & sturdy exterior:  In tribute to each athlete’s individual story, The Carrier has a minimalist profile to reinforce the fact that triathlons are about athletes and their stories. The pronounced shape that maintains its form represents the awesome strength triathletes draw from within.

2 in 1 design:  The Carrier has a separate, detachable, water-resistant compartment that makes carrying gear for swim workouts super easy. The Main Compartment is great for brick or gym sessions. Both compartments re-attach for race day.  As a bonus, The Carrier’s Main Compartment is proven to pass as a flight carry-on.

Optimized for training and racing:  Thoughtfully designed to keep up with training needs and promote ease and efficiency for races. Every compartment and pocket was designed to allow athletes to organize items in the most effective way possible.

Durable & reliable:  Sewn from high-quality fabric that’s easy to wipe clean. The hardware, from zippers to pulls and buckles, comes from some of the best manufacturers in the world and follows the same specifications as backcountry backpacks.

The Carrier - A triathlon training backpack
Shoe / Dirty Laundry bag
The Carrier's Core Kit

I love being able to leave the Core Kit packed all the time and always know where everything is. Whether it's just a bike ride or a run workout, or a full tri, it always has the little stuff I need.

Rick S. ~ Menlo Park, CA
Favorite Triathlon: Ironman Canada

Product Details

Water-Resistant Swim Compartment:  Keeps wet items separate from other gear and serves as a much smaller bag to transport gear to the pool or the open water. Attaches to the Main Compartment to easily transport everything for a race.

Shoe/Dirty Laundry (SDL) Bag:  Isolates shoes and dirty items from other gear and is also water-resistant.

3 Ways to Carry:  Grab The Carrier by its top or side handle with one hand, or use the backpack straps and adjustable chest strap for hands-free carrying. The backpack straps have a stealth storage pocket.

Stealth Pockets:  Located discreetly on the outside and accessible from the inside, these pockets are great for stashing ID, credit cards, a phone, or a lucky charm. 

Core Kit:  Holds small/fragile items (e.g., nutrition, sunglasses, etc.) and divides The Carrier into two sections, either horizontally or vertically, providing more flexibility.

Complete Hydration Holder:  Securely stores 1 to 4 water bottles – yes, 4! – for all of an athlete’s hydration needs. Cinches closed for extra stability.

The Carrier - A triathlon training backpack
Shoe / Dirty Laundry bag
The Carrier's Core Kit

The Finer Details

Different Size Pockets:  Thoughtfully placed inside and outside of The Carrier, each compartment and pocket was designed to make packing and accessing gear – from ear plugs and nutrition to bike and running shoes – easy and efficient. 

Multiple Positions With Double Flap Opening:  Opens like a backpack that stands upright on its own or a garment bag laying flat, allowing access to gear, even in tight spaces, like locker rooms or transition areas.

Light Interior, Mesh Pockets, & Easy-To-Use Zipper Pulls:  These features make it easy to access essential items in seconds.

Compression Straps:  Compresses everything and keeps items in place – no searching later.

The dimensions of the Main Compartment are: 22 in (L) x 13 in (W) x 9 in (H).

The Swim Compartment's dimensions are: 7 in (L) x 14 in (W) x 10 in (H).

The Carrier Consists of:

The Carrier's Main Compartment & Swim Compartment

Main Compartment & Swim Compartment

Shoe / Dirty Laundry bag


The Carrier's Core Kit

Core Kit

The Carrier


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  • Epic Black with green interior
  • Tahoe Blue with gray interior

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Early morning swim race

Thoughtfully Designed

For many endurance athletes, training is more than running around a track, swimming laps in a pool, or logging miles on a bike. Racing can be about standing on podiums, qualifying for championships, and nailing PRs – but we know something greater moves you.

Field Tester Comments

We had a group of triathletes test The Carrier. Below is a sample of their comments.

I like the size and structure of The Carrier and how it completely opens up, so you can see everything you packed without unpacking it. I like the flexibility of the bag. I’ve used it for several different scenarios - run, swim, strength, travel, etc. It’s very versatile; I can use it for training and for races.
Chad M. ~ Madison, WI
Favorite Triathlon: Ironman Mont-Tremblant

I like that The Carrier stands on its own and holds everything, including my bike helmet, with space for my wallet, gels, and iPod. It makes it less awkward than having items spread out in the locker room.
Jeff M. ~ Cabin John, MD
Favorite Triathlon: Savageman

LOVE how you can easily and quickly configure it different ways, depending on the workout. I LOVE the comfort of the back padding and shoulder straps. Also, I like the overall style (front opening, zip-down flaps, mesh pockets) - great accessibility and storage.
Deirdre H. ~ Mountain View, CA
Favorite Triathlon: Auburn Long Course Triathlon

Triathlon training backpack reviews
I like that the wetsuit compartment is separate from the main compartment; I can put my suit in when it’s wet and not worry about soaking the rest of my gear in the main compartment. For training, I can carry it separately. I love the Core Kit’s accessibility and padded, divided compartments. I love the fact that I can remove it and divide the compartments to my liking.
Darren S. ~ Manhasset Hills, NY
Favorite Triathlons: Escape from Alcatraz & Ironman 70.3 Timberman

I really like that it holds 4 water bottles.
Curtis C. ~ Chattanooga, TN
Favorite Triathlon: Ironman Florida

I love how The Carrier lays flat in my back seat, making it easy to clean up and change in my car. It fits everything well, is easy to carry, and fits in my gym locker. I love the SDL bag. It's great for keeping the wet, stinky stuff separate, like my dirty, sweaty clothes after I change in the back seat of my car.
Stephanie S. ~ Bethesda, MD
Favorite Triathlon: Ironman Arizona

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